What is Compliance?


The CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, is charged with protecting the public from unforeseen risks.  It has jurisdiction over thousands of everyday products including clothing.  In 2013 the CPSIA, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, was enacted which gave further jurisdiction and regulations to the CPSC as well as creating the ability to further enforce those regulations.  The CPSIA defined “children’s product” and the safety regulations that go with it, mainly around the issues of lead, phthalates, flammability, and tracking.

Small Batch Manufactures

As a small batch manufacturer I not required to have third party testing done on my finished product, instead I must ensure that each piece I put into my product is safe.  Fabrics such as plain surfaced cotton, polyesters, elastics are considered exempt from further testing because extensive testing has shown that the process used to make them naturally makes them free from lead and the fiber content and weight of the fabric makes it pass flammability requirements.  Snaps, buttons, clips, zippers must be tested for lead content.  I ensure that the supplies I buy have been tested by the supplier or original manufacturer and then keep their certificate of conformity on file.  Additionally I must track what parts go into each product that I make, this information is stored for 7 years so that if there was ever a need for a recall on any part I would know which products contained that part.

I take the safety of all of my products seriously and am proud to comply with these regulations.